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Loyalty rewards for customers.

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Reward regular customers.

CouponBank lets any retailer build a relationship with their loyal customers and reward them however you want to. From repeat purchase rewards, such as getting your tenth coffee (or cocktail, or meal) for free, to selected deals, and VIP offers.

How It Works
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Loyalty made easy.

Until now only the largest retailers were able to offer a comprehensive loyalty rewards program through their own infrastructure. CouponBank now offers this infrastructure, all via an easy to use app, so any retailer can offer the same… and better rewards.

Boost footfall.

You can create coupons in real-time, to share deals that will boost footfall when you need it, or promote clearance stock. You share large volumes of coupons across different product ranges. Or you can allocate coupons to the customers most likely to use them. Try different tactics and boost your footfall.

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Get customer feedback.

The CouponBank rating system allows customers to share how they feel about any deal (Love, Like, Share, Dislike), which helps you to learn about what they think, and what works for them. So you can then tweak or improve offers based on their feedback over time.

Coupon details

Learn from results.

After a campaign we provide you with a report on how your campaign was viewed and used by customers, along with all relevant KPIs. While usage figures are always available via the dashboard. So you can always keep an eye on the numbers.

Customer support

We will help.

Our team is ready to work with yours. We have years of experience in creating coupons campaigns. We can work with you and take ownership of coupon creation and delivery, if needed, and offer support in boosting results whether it be for rewards or special offers.

77% of consumers

Are more likely to spend more than they anticipated when redeeming mobile coupons.

Talk to us.

To find out more you can get in touch. We’ll be happy to tell you more about CouponBank, and what it can do for you. We can answer any question you might have.

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