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The easiest way to attract customers and keep them.

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The special offers app that anyone can use.

CouponBank allows any retailer to create a special offer campaign in minutes. That can be shared across social media and used to build a relationship with customers.
It’s the easy and cost-efficient way to reach new customers. And the way to target specific customers or offer rewards. You set the special offer, and you set the limits.

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Create coupon on app

It takes 5 minutes.

It’s a simple step by step approach to create your own coupons and market yourself via the app and on social. Simply select a template, enter the offer of your choice, set who can redeem, where they can redeem, and when the deal can be redeemed, and you’re done. It takes 5 minutes.

New Coupon

Coupon Maker.

This the part of the app where you create your digital coupon. Simply select a template that matches your deal and the app adds your logo. Then include an image of your choice, and add the details (date, time, issuance) and whether it’s an online or in-store deal. You can then choose to share the coupon with the public, or select individual customers to receive the deal.

Coupon Details

Campaign Manager.

A feature within the app where you manage your campaign. From a quick offer that lasts two hours (perfect for early bird offers, or promoting limited stock) to long-term deals to grow a customer base. Coupon codes are all unique, so you’ll never be oversubscribed, and you set the limits giving you full control.

Scan the App

Scan the code.

When a customer visits with a coupon deal, any nominated member of staff can redeem the coupon using the Retailer or Agent app. It’s easy and only takes a second to verify the coupon.

VIP deals.

CouponBank allows you to create VIP offers, to a unique customer, at a unique location, and unique time. So you can reward loyalty and make someone important feel special at just the right time. Or compensate if needed, for example a travel company can send food and beverage or accommodation coupons to delayed customers.

Vip Customer
CouponBank desktop

Notes and Reminders.

Staff can also keep notes on dietary requirements, and birthdays, or any other detail that might be important to the customer, in order to build a relationship with them, and offer little extras that can make a big difference to a customer.

Online retail.

For e-commerce it’s simple too. Select a template, choose a deal, and set it to be used online. The coupon can link to any specific product page that you’re promoting, or category section, or the homepage. CouponBank autogenerates codes for you and your customers to use, and you can link directly to the API to be provided with usage data to your dashboard.

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