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Experts at enticing customers.

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Here to help local businesses as well as big brands.

We are national leaders in the creation of coupon campaigns and coupon automation. We are used by one of the world’s largest retailers, and have been for over ten years. Due to our expertise a global brand asked us to create a social coupon platform. A platform that allows deals to be shared on social media, but with fixed redemption. That’s what we’ve done. And we’re now offering it to everyone.

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A platform that rewards everyone.

Customers get rewarded for using the app. They build up points for sharing coupons, inviting friends, and using coupon offers. Retailers get rewarded by connecting to new customers, and rewarding repeat customers in order to build loyalty and advocacy.

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Drive footfall and online visits.

CouponBank is any easy to use app that helps you create your own activation campaigns that drives footfall or traffic to your website.

CouponBank rewards

Users build up points.

When users share offers with friends and on social media they earn points. There are different levels of points that they can bank and exchange for rewards with participating retailers. This encourages users to share deals, and means the platform gets maximum organic reach.

Delivering more sales.

Fixed redemption.

An issue that retailers have had, is wanting to share their deals on social media, to spread the news of great offers, and connect customers to great deals. But needing to restrict the number of times the coupons could be redeemed. CouponBank solves that problem.

Why are we different?

We don’t charge commission, so it’s more cost-effective. You choose who can use the coupons and when. The platform connects you directly to your customers. And we offer contactless check-in, so you can capture the details of your customers in real-time.

We’re on a mission.

Our mission is to help you connect with your customers and grow your business, and we’ve been helping some of the biggest brands and retailers in the UK since 2010.

Talk to us.

To find out more you can get in touch. We’ll be happy to tell you more about CouponBank, and what it can do for you. We can answer any question you might have.

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