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Instantly connect with every customer you serve.

Drive sales – increase profits!

CouponBank streamlines the process of capturing customer data, enabling swift and efficient generation of tailored coupons. These can be conveniently dispatched to customers, helping to bolster sales during quieter periods. This way, businesses can transform slower times into opportunities for growth, effectively driving customer engagement and fostering stronger relationships.


How It Works
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Power to local business.

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Restaurants, bars, shops, hairdressers and spas. Any local business.

Attract new customers and tourists with a special offer or discount, via the app, or on social media.

  • Increase footfall
  • Increase revenues
  • Build a customer database

Loyalty rewards for customers.

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Online stores. National and regional shops and hospitality. Any retailer.

Create a loyalty program to reward your regular customers via a smart app, rather than costly traditional methods.

  • Repeat purchase rewards
  • Selected deals & VIP offers
  • Build loyalty and advocacy

Promotion for brands.

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National and international. New or household name. Any brand.

Direct marketing and CRM that’s easy and versatile: promote offers by location, send free samples, gain data.

  • Gain new customers
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Fixed redemption limits
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Real-time offers at your finger tips.

What makes CouponBank really special is the ability to create an offer campaign in minutes, when trade is slow, or you want to sell certain stock quickly. Simply use your phone to create and share an offer of your choice, say “20% off over the next two hours” and attract new customers in minutes.

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You’re in control.

What’s so satisfying about CouponBank is that you can create any offer you want, when you want, all from your phone. This means you can try new deals, and be dynamic with your offering. It’s the platform that puts you in control.

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Excite customers, boost business.

CouponBank makes special offers dynamic. New deals can be created in an instant, shared on social, and shared between friends. People can check the app and find an offer that excites them, or get suggestions or notifications for what they want. Meaning you can stand out when you need to, and unlock the power of real-time dynamic social CRM.

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Everyone likes getting a good deal.

It’s human nature to want to find a great deal. It’s just usually we don’t know that they’re out there. CouponBank lets people find local gems and tell their friends, and in turn businesses and brands get to connect with new customers and to build a relationship.

1 Billion

Get ahead of the competition.

Last year there were over 1 billion mobile coupon users in the world. The number has doubled in the last 5 years. It’s the fastest growing, most cost-effective and customer-friendly way to market your brand, attract people to it and generate profits.

Don’t lose custom, or get left behind. Use a platform that doesn’t charge any commission, and connects you to a new generation of customers.

Try it FREE today.

Our platform and app is finely tuned. It’s been created using years of CRM expertise with the UK’s biggest retailer. And it’s ready to connect you to customers. And as we launch we’re letting local businesses use it first. For free.

Try it for 30 days, reap the rewards, and if you like it it’s just a tiny monthly subscription thereafter. No commission. No nonsense. You’re in control.

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